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For what you'd pay for 2-3 candles,
YOU can make 10-20 Gorgeous
Candles on your own...

Does this sound familiar?

I wanted to start making candles so I searched online for some video tutorials that would explain to me step by step how to create gorgeous candles.

I spent HUNDREDS of dollars on DVDs with little information and not a single one actually showed me HOW to make a candle! The instructors talked WAY above my head and were soooo boring!

The camera was focused on THEM and NOT on the product they were making. Wouldn't you rather see the candle instructions up close instead of the instructor?

I wasted a lot of time and money and still couldn't make a candle...and I didn't know where to get supplies (and which ones to get!), or where to even begin!!

So, I thought wouldn't it be great if...I could learn how to make all the most popular styles of candles in one course with easy to follow instructions?

And since of course there were NONE, I created one! That's how "Secrets to Candle Making Success" was born.

Wouldn't it be great to have....

  • A gift that you can give any time to anyone...who doesn't LOVE candles?

  • A simple DVD course that actually takes you by the hand for each step of the candle making process?

  • A new hobby that you can enjoy?

  • Candle projects you can make easily...even with your kids?

  • Money saving tips that will help you learn candle making for the least amount of money on supplies (save over HUNDREDS of dollars)?

If you answered, YES, you are going to want to
keep reading on...

Candle making is a science AND an art! I've found it is most fun when you take time to experiment and test. But you need EASY instructions to start you off for each type of candle and that's exactly what you'll get!

With this course, you'll learn MORE candles than any other course! Most courses will teach you 4-5 candles at most but I'm going to show you SEVENTEEN styles of candles you can make.

Plus everything is explained in simple terms you can understand. It's simple to follow my video instructions and most importantly easy for you to do.

It's Not Like Any Other Candle Making Course

I asked hundreds of crafters their questions about candle making for beginners and then found all the answers and included them in this course so nothing is left out.

I'm sure you've seen books that just talk about candles, but that is boring. You want to know how to MAKE them. That's why you are here...you'll learn how to make 17 styles of candles step-by-step with all my tips and money saving secrets.

Plus everything is explained in simple terms you can understand. It's simple to follow my video instructions and most importantly easy for you to do.

What Candles Do You Want To Make?

They are ALL in "Secrets to Candle Making Success"

(PLUS a whole bunch more!)

You will learn 17 candle designs with this course...everything from basic container candles and pillar candles to yummy dessert candles.

What Will I Get?

A 2 hour DVD with Step by Step instructions for 17 Candles

Close-up video shots from an angle that you can see best Simple to follow instructions every step of the way for each candle

A downloadable manual that includes:

A detailed supply list (and the cheapest place to purchase them)
All the supplies you'll need for each candle
A list of types of candle wax and when to use
Tips for saving money (look for the $ sign!)
The various types of wax available and where to purchase
An EASY chart of which wick to use for each candle you make
All of the "fancy" candle terms so you'll really be an expert

Imagine creating beautiful candle designs to give as gifts, light up your home, and provide a beautiful scent in any room.

AND... don't forget to check out more than 35 money saving tips in the manual, indicated by a $$$

These tips will save you dozens and even maybe even HUNDREDS of dollars over time as you create your beautiful candles.

Here's MORE of what you'll get:

Why spend money on supplies that are unnecessary?

I'll give you a list of supplies you definitely need and ones you can do without (plus my suggestions for cheap alternatives to almost every supply you'll need)

Don't forget to check out my money saving tips indicated by a $$$ These tips will save you dozens and even maybe even HUNDREDS of dollars over time as you create your beautiful candles

Wouldn't it be great to let the kids help out too?

Suggestion for Kid Friendly candles - you'll need to help them but many I've included are great for kids to work with you safely.

How can you get the best looking candles AND the best smelling ones?

You'll learn the proper amount of fragrance and dye to add for the best candles plus the variety of wax additives for your candles (which ones you need and what they do).

How about learning important safety tips so you can stay safe and have fun?

I'll teach you the RIGHT way to make candles so you avoid the DANGERS and WRONG ways that the majority of beginner candle makers are doing.

Imagine selling your beautiful creations for profit...maybe even a second income stream for your family?

Learn tips on how to sell your candles and the easiest ways to create a large amount of candles.

Soon you can be your candles for profit at Craft Fairs, Holiday Open Houses, Flea Markets, House Parties, and so many more places!

That is MUCH more than you'll find in ANY other candle instructions.

Isn't that awesome?

You're going to be a professional candle maker in NO TIME as you follow me STEP BY STEP while learning the most important parts about candle making.

These are the TOP questions asked by crafters just like YOU so I included everything in this course that you would want to know...

How can I get a perfect, straight wick and which wick do I use?

My handy guide will show you how you can get a perfect wick for your candle every time!

What types of molds can you use to make different shapes of candles?

Learn the best types of molds to use for different shapes of candles...from stars and hearts to triangles and any other shape you can imagine!

How do I get a really strong and long lasting scent?

The best part of making candles...a beautiful fragrance! I'll teach you the proper amounts of scent to use and some additives that can make your fragrance last longer.

What is the best type of wax to use?

In this course, I'll make candles with FOUR different types of wax so you can chose what you like the most and what will work best for each style candle.

If I have never made a candle, could they look like if they were bought from a store?

You'll be pleasantly surprised at how AMAZING your candles are going to turn out when you follow these simple instructions, step-by-step.

Do I need to buy a lot of expensive tools?

Remember to look for $$$ where you'll find money saving alternatives for EVERY candle in the course. Following these tips will save you the price of this course MANY times over!

Where are the best places to buy supplies?

Get my exclusive list of candle suppliers to make it EASY to get the best quality supplies at great prices.

Can I make candles that are safe for my kids to help?

There are 7 candles specially marked in this course that would be GREAT to work on with children. Just look for this: KID FRIENDLY: With adult help!

That's just a TINY sample of what you'll learn in
"Secrets to Candle Making Success"

I've spent months of my time to research the best ways to make candles and figure out all the special time-saving and money-saving tips to bring you the MOST COMPREHENSIVE and FUN candle making course on the market.

You'll be so proud of all the beautiful candles you'll be creating from the first day your course arrives.


How about some great FREE BONUSES
if you order today?

You'll also get...


My Troubleshooting Ebook Guide

This 40 page ebook will help you out with questions like:

Why is my wick not staying lit?
How can I get a better smelling and stronger scented candle?
What can I do to stop marks from appearing on my candle?
Why are there drops of oil on my candle?
What is causing my gel candles to be cloudy and bubbly?
How can I get the candle out of the mold easier?
Why are there air bubbles on my candle?

There are DOZENS of answers to all these common challenges that beginner candle makers sometimes face.

You'll never have to worry about what to do when you come across a common candle making problem since I help you out just as if I was right there with you!


Create unique fragrances for you, made by you AND save a ton of MONEY since you will no longer need to buy expensive designer perfumes.

You'll learn...

  • What to Look for When Buying Essential Oils for Making Perfume

  • Tips to Successfully Making Perfume

  • Making Great Smelling Perfume the Simple Way

  • Simple Perfume Recipes You Can Make at Home

  • Making Perfume for a Unique Gift Idea

  • Perfume You Can Make For Your Dog

  • Simple Perfumes You Can Make With Your Child


12 hours of NATURAL SOUNDS audios

This audio collection contains the following Natural Sounds:

Torrential Rain
Autumn In The Forest
Babbling Brook
Dusk At The Oasis
Hot Jungle Day
Lazy Summer Day
Log Cabin Fire
Tranquil Waterfall
Tropical Beach At Sunset
Tropical Storm
Tropical Waves
Woodland Bridalway

Each audio is about an hour long for 12 relaxing hours in all.

As you light your homemade candles and enjoy the beautiful aromas, relax to these calming natural sounds, you can play right from your computer.

To get the FULL "Secrets to Candle Making Success" course that teaches 17 types of candles, PLUS all THREE Fast Action Bonuses, be sure to place your order today.

PS: I know you'll LOVE this candle making course and all the FREE bonuses. However, if you don't for whatever reason, I offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. What have you got to lose? Start making beautiful candles today!

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