Want to learn how to make candles?

Sign-up for the free candle making lesson above and you'll be making candles today. I'll teach you the simple steps to making a beautiful ice candle in any container that you can recycle for this craft.

You'll learn how to make beautiful candles with just a few supplies and my simple instructions. Step-by-step I'll take you by the hand and show you each part of candle making.

This is an exciting craft you can create at home with candle wax, fragrance, dye, and a few other simple items. You'll love learning a new hobby in just a few minutes, but the enjoyment will last hours and hours as you burn your beautiful homemade candles.

Imagine creating something for your home handmade, or to give as a gift to a dear friend, or even just to add some beautifully scented aroma to your home. From the first moment you begin making your own candles, you are going to adore this fun craft and enjoyable new hobby.

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